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Planar Transformer Process Solution

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Advantages of planar transformers


High efficiency

Low leakage sensation

Good heat conduction

Low EMI radiation

The plate conductors of a planar transformer are actually some planar conductors, resulting in a high current density

Efficiency can reach 98%~99%

Approximately 0.2% of the primary inductance

Short hot channel distance and low temperature rise

Good magnetic core shielding can reduce radiation to a very low level

The use of small magnetic cores can correspondingly reduce the volume

Small size

Good parameter repeatability

Wide operating frequency range

Wide working temperature range

Good insulation

Because the winding structure is fixed and easy to pre process, the parameters are stable

The frequency can range from 50kHz to 2MHz

Working temperature is -40 ℃ to 130 ℃

A planar transformer is composed of conductive circuits and insulation sheets 

Process characteristics of planar transformers

Thick copper

from 2-6oz

Linewidth (coil) consistency

Uniformity of thickness

Media thickness uniformity

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